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Romanus: Master of the Time-Storm


For this game, one of my biggest challenges was getting the player to travel through time, as this was the main mechanic for the game. At first, I tried to have the player press a button while landing on the portal, but I couldn't due it that way since the colliders kept interfering with one another. To solve this, I made the portal a trigger so that the warp mechanic would work properly.

Escape to Freedom


One of the challenges that I had with this project was getting the boxes to cover the holes. At first, I tried to turn the box into a platform that players could walk over, but players still died anyways. To solve this, I made a new game object call hole cover that would take the place of the green box when it touched a hole and would then serve as a platform.

VR Maze


For this project, one of the hardest things to do was switching between ray grab and direct grab with the oculus controllers, as I wanted to use the ray grab for warping and the direct garb to actually grab objects. To accomplish this, I use the same input code for the Xbox controller and reworked it to match up with the corresponding buttons on the Oculus controller.

Rick Velez

Game Designer & Developer

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